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Revive your resume by keeping it current

12 Jul

Just started a new job? You might want to start updating your resume already!

Add in new info as soon as you have something to add. Don’t wait until you are planning your next move and have time pressures. try these tips to make updating easy:

– Add in your new job description as soon as you have it
– Add in new trainings as soon as you have completed it at work
– Achieved something special while on the job? Received an award or other recognition? Remember to add it in right away.
– Received a glowing performance review? Another opportunity to add something to your resume!
– Selected to chair some committee? Put it on the resume!
– Update your resume whenever you get a promotion too.


DIY Resume

27 Jun

Some Thoughts for Job Seekers…

7 simple steps to create a decent resume:

1. Decide on your target job (aka a “job objective”). Using an actual job title is best.

2. Research what skills and experience employers are looking for in regards to this target job.

3. List of your top several strongest skills that makes you the perfect candidate for this job.

4. For each of these top skills think of several achievements from your previous work that demonstrate that skill. Then describe these achievements in simple, powerful, action statements with an emphasize on the beneficial results.

5. List your jobs in reverse chronological order.

6. List your related education and training.

7. Summarize key points at the top of your resume.

Time to update your resume?

24 May

Be prepared since You never know when the perfect career opportunity will pop up. If a friend told you about a great job opportunity that opened up or if a recruiter called you today and had your dream job, would you be prepared to submit an up-to-date resume right away?

Update your resume any time your career focus changes, or if you anticipate layoffs where you work, or if  you’ve become dissatisfied with your job. At the very least update your resume at least once a year.